Van Riebeeckstrand Laerskool


Van Riebeeckstrand Laerskool is situated in Melkbosstrand in the Western Cape. Out of 1100 learners, only 185 boys play rugby. Van Riebeeckstrand decision to move up the top league in the Western Cape was taken to improve their rugby and saw them initially struggling against the top dogs. Their teams not only compete in the league now but also are starting to win against them and is still unbeaten in the league for 2017.

Shah-Jehaan de Jongh represented the WP Craven Week team in Bloemfontein at fullback while three other players were selected for the WP XV team. 3 boys are currently involved in the final trials for selection of the WP u/12 Team.

Van Riebeeckstrand believes in the ball doing the job and play a 15 man gameplan where the ball gets distributed to their powerful and fast backline as soon as possible. Tight defence and discipline also play a major part in their success throughout their age groups. Van Riebeeckstrand coaching staff is committed and also believes that their players must be able to read the game and act accordingly.

What to expect from 2018: Van Riebeeckstad is excited regarding 2018 season as a few players from the 1stVV will return combined with some exciting players from the u/11 team expected to make an impact. Players, coaches and parents expect a steady improvement for the next few years to establish van Riebeeckstrand as one of the top schools in the Western Cape.





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