Aloe Cup 2017 – Day 1


When Jeffreys Bay Primary’s rugby heads decided last year to start a rugby tournament during the July holidays it was decided that there were enough /13 tournaments and that the Aloe Cup would be for /11 teams. This turned out to be an inspired decision and a quality group of local and out-of-town teams played in the inaugural tournament

The 2016 edition was won by Grey College, who convincingly beat Gene Louw in the final.

The 2017 edition includes both finalists from the year before, as well as Durbanville, Glenwood, Knysna, Volkskool, Jeffreys Bay and Handhaaf from Uitenhage. It is exciting that more schools applied to be included this year than there were spots for and it is possible that the tournament might grow to 10 teams next year, hopefully with a team from Gauteng included as well.

All teams play 2 matches on tThursday the 1st day. On Friday the teams only play 1 match each and based on the results of the first 2 days the 2 pools playoff on Saturday in the position they ended in pool play.


The 2 pools are:


A Pool:



Grey College

Jeffreys Bay



B Pool:


Gene Louw





After the first day, it is apparent that the gap between powerhouse primary schools such as GCB and Gene Louw and the rest is substantial, with only Durbanville looking capable of springing a surprise when they play Grey tomorrow. Handhaaf beating Glenwood was the only minor surprise on the first day.


Even with the lopsided scores the opportunity for boys from schools such as Jeffreys Bay and Volkskool to play against premier primary rugby programs such as Grey and Gene Louw should not be discounted and will hopefully be a benchmark for such teams to measure themselves against and hopefully incentivize them to improve.


The results for day 1:


Gene Louw      54-0     Volkskool

Handfhaaf       19-0     Glenwood

Grey                47-0     Knysna

Durbanville      48-0     Jeffreys Bay

Gene Louw      55-0     Handhaaf

Glenwood        26-5     Volkskool

Grey                50-0     Jeffreys Bay

Durbanville      52-5     Knysna


After play on Friday, the boys have diverse options such as game drives, surfing lessons and bowls - or they can just enjoy the beach and 26-degree Celsius weather.

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