Interschools – Klein Boishaai vs Klein Gim


Today is interschool between Klein Boishaai and Klein Gimmies. The biggest interschool's event in the world if we have to believe the supporters of these two great schools. This event will be as important for the primary school boys as it is for the 1stXV players when they take the field on Saturday at 4 o'clock.

The match of the day is when the u/13's take the field on the Paarl Gim main rugby field at 4 o'clock when all thirty boys and their parents and supporters will play their toughest match of their year. Gimmies is unbeaten so far this year with Boishaai winning 18 out of the 25 matches they played. It is raining in the Paarl and the field will be very slippery and wet, this will cancel most of the advantages one team would have over the other and as in 2016 when Boishaai won 6 - 0 heart will be the deciding factor.

Paarl Gim is a team that plays a 15 man game plan with flyhalf Liam Koen directing play like a seasoned general. Although their forwards are not big they hunt as a pack with Aduan Kotze and Christiaan Bakkes, who played Craven Week this year the matches that light the fire. Aduan impressed at the Wildeklawer Festival with his general play and ball carrying abilities. As the backline of Paarl Gim is their major weapon the no 6 Nic Smit must be named, he impressed at the Wildeklawer Festival with his ball turnover abilities feeding that dangerous backline turnover ball with which they caused havoc.

The backline of Gim has several game breakers but Liam Koen must be the most complete flyhalf I have ever seen at u/13 level and his kicking abilities will be vital in a game where territorial advantage will vital. With the live wire at 9, JJ Van der Sandt's quick and accurate service to Liam Boishaai will always wonder if Liam is going to kick or attack. If he decides to attack the Boishaai boys will have to defend for their life as Logan Opperman, WP CW 2017 will score given the smallest of opportunity.

Boishaai I only saw playing once at Grey College and it was not a nice sight. They were completely dominated in all facets of play by a very strong Grey College team losing 74-12 eventually. This does not mean that Paarl Gim will have it easy as the forwards of Grey Bloem was very big and bulldozed the boys from Boishaai. Add to that a long day on buses to Bloemfontein and being 13-year old's. But if Boishaai even remotely hope to win this one they will have to find an answer to Liam Koen at 10 and quick, very quick.

However, we all know that a big interschool does have the tendency to narrow the gap between two teams considerably and with the wet conditions it may just cause Paarl Gim to slip. But I doubt that.

Good luck to all the boys playing today, from u/10 to u/13 and enjoy every moment thereof. Believe in yourself and your team and never forget Who blessed you with this amazing talent. May your participation in this 100 year plus tradition result in great friendships that will last you a lifetime.


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