Worcester Primary – Will They Go One Better In 2019?


Worcester Primêr has proven themselves to be amongst the top primary schools on a regular basis and with Worcester Primêr and Grey College smoking the peace pipe late in 2018 after the debacle at Wildeklawer all seems quiet on the western front.

Once again the team has a very busy calendar and it is quite possible that Worcester Primêr and Grey College will cross swords in the final at Wildeklawer again. It is a pity that the fixtures do not include Gene Louw, Lochnerhof and Paarl Gim for 2019 especially as Lochnerhof is the gambling man's favourite team for this year. Hopefully, these fixtures will take place in the future.

The group will include some burly forwards and quick backs and should, as in the past, give a great account of themselves.

Worcester Primêr ended 2018 as the number 2 ranked u/13A team on the Ruggas.co.za ranking. Can they improve on this? According to "skinder" Worcester may not be as competitive as in 2018 but expect the class of 2019 intent on proving us all wrong.


2019 Fixtures (Some outstanding fixtures will be added later)

23/02/2019 v TBC @ Hopefield Rugby Day

01/03/2019 v TBC @ Oakdale Rugby Tournament

03/03/2019 v TBC @ Oakdale Rugby Tournament

13/03/2019 v TBC @ Gene Louw Rugby Evening

06/04/2019 v TBC @ Ceres Sport Day

13/04/2019 v Paarl Boys Primary (h)

19 - 22/04/2019 v TBC Paarl Gim u/13 Tournament

20/04/2019 v TBC George-Suid Sport Day

29/04/2019 v TBC @ Wildeklawer

30/04/2019 v TBC @ Wildeklawer

01/05/2019 v TBC @ Wildeklawer

04/05/2019 v Hugo Rust (h)

18/05/2019 v Worchester-Oos (a)

25/05/2019 v Stellenbosch (h)

13/07/2019 v LS Park 7’s

20/07/2019 v Hendrik Louw (h)

27/07/2019 v Ceres (h)

24/08/2019 v Hendrik Louw 7’s

31/08/2019 v Mikro 7’s

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