February 18, 2019

Grey College Primary And Worcester Primary Kiss And Make Up


During the Wildeklawer Festivals for primary schools, Grey College Primary refused to play on the final day against Worcester Primary in the "final" of the tournament. Their decision was based on a match during 2015 in which 6 of their players were taken off the field with injuries during a match played against Worcester Primary. After the game in 2015, Mr Jurie Geldenhuys of Grey Primary communicated their unwillingness to ever play against Worcester Primary again.

Allegations were made that the Worcester Primary team included players that were already 14 years old which contravenes BOKSMART regarding overage players. An Age-grade is determined by the maximum age, as determined on 31st December of that specific year, of a player allowed to participate within the specific Age-grade. For example, the oldest player in the u/13 Age-grade would still be 13 years old on 31st December of the specific year in question. The minimum age for the u/13 Age-grade will be 11 years old and must turn 12 in the year in question.

Since this unhappy incident at this year's tournament, Worcester Primary submitted documents to the Wildeklawer management, that was extensively verified by the Wildeklawer management, to show their compliance to BOKSMART rules. Grey Primary accepted the verification process as done by the Wildeklawer Primary and has stated that they never intended to question Worcester Primary's integrity and are happy to renew sporting ties with Worcester Primary.





 Age-grade, would still be

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