Grey College Primary In Close Shave Against Kenmare


Grey College Primary played their first match on tour against Kenmare Laerskool of Krugersdorp. A day full of action and very competitive games were played with Grey College winning the most games on the day. However, Grey College had to work hard for every win on the day.

The game between the u/13A's final score (19-0) may indicate a walkover for Grey College's u/13A team but it was definitely not. Kenmare started the first half running at Grey College with their big boys and placed Grey College under a lot of pressure in the first ten minutes of the first half. Grey College steadily clawed their way back into the game and set up camp in Kenmare's 22 for the rest of the first half and used the two opportunities that came their way to score excellent tries. With the score 12-0 in favour of Grey College, everybody expected a big score.

Kenmare started the second half placing Grey College under a lot of pressure but again could not convert their dominance into points. In the second half, Kenmare camped in Grey College's 22m for most of the match with Grey College having to defend as if their life depended on that. Just before time was up in the second half Grey College pounced on a mistake Kenmare made on the try line of Grey College. Grey College kicked the ball upfield with their speedy backs in hot pursuit. Grey College won the race and scored a converted try to win 19-0 in an exciting game.

Grey College just had the upper hand in the scrums while the jumpers and hooker of Kenmare were the kings come lineout time. Both team's backline possesses of big boys that are fast as well as good with the ball in hand with Grey College getting the edge in this match in defence. They were able to stop those big runners of Kenmare to such an extent that the Kenmare's backline sometimes looked in doubt where and how to attack.

This game was balanced on a knife's edge although the final score does not reflect this. In three weeks time, the score could be the same with Kenmare the winner. A score that maybe would be a better reflection on the day would be 12-7 in favour of Grey.

Other Results (Kenmare First)

u/9A: 07 - 10

u/10A: 17 - 07

u/11A: 05 - 07

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