Kenmare’s (31) Brilliance Too Much For Wonderboom (12)


The clash for the crown of the number 1 school in the Noordvaal Region just started when Kenmare announced in no uncertain terms that they came to Loftus to win. Kenmare dominated the first 15 minutes scoring two early tries with their well-tested game plan where their forwards make the hard yards with the backline eagerly waiting to score.

With the score at 14-0 for Kenmare Wonderboom slowly clawed their way back into the fixture with Tiaan Engelbrecht and Ewan van Heerden carrying the ball very strong winning several meters every time and Wonderboom started to place a lot of pressure on the Kenmare try line. Wonderboom scored their first try after strong work by Ewan van Heerden to narrow the gap to 9 points. Kenmare answered back just before half time to lead at the break with 19-5.

In the first half, it was clear that Wonderboom's hope on victory was their dominance up front but was met by a determined Kenmare that traded blows with ease. The names of prop Theo vd Merwe and Cian de Villiers must be mentioned here. Both these boys gave their best and then just added something extra for the big occasion. Kenmare's dominance in the line out had to have an impact on Wonderboom as they lost several line outs on their own throw. Then the big weapon in the Kenmare attack was the drive from the lineout. Wonderboom had no answer and lost several meters when Kenmare started the drive.

At the back flyhalf, Divan Spangenberg kept Kenmare on the front foot the whole time with his long kicks sending Wonderboom back a good 30-35 meters every time and Zain Henery from Kenmare showed his class in keeping several defenders busy every time he touched the ball but impressed even more with his off loading skills on several occasion. He did, however, butcher a try when he tried to score at the end of the game. 

The highlight of the day apart from the forward battle must be the two scrumhalves. Waldo Brummer of Kenmare showed his class with lighting fast and pinpoint passes that enabled his backline to run at Wonderboom at pace. His defence around the scrums and loose scrums stopped several promising attacks from Wonderboom, an excellent performance. And then entered the Jack Russel of Wonderboom, Zian who's surname I could not confirm has a heart so big he has to carry one half in a bag with him. He was just everywhere in defence and attack and apparently this boy is only in grade 6. Wonderboom without this boy will be worth 15 points less. All I can say is SJOE.

The second half started with Wonderboom dominating up front with aggressive attacks from their loosies to camp in Kenmare's 22 for extended periods. Wonderboom scored another try to narrow the gap to 12-19 early in the second half. Then came the try of the day, Ruan Sutherland, Kenmare's no11 received the ball on the 10-meter line of Wonderboom and after beating almost all of the Wonderboom boys scored in the opposite corner of the field. 

With the score 24-12, Wonderboom "accepted" defeat, and started to bring on all of their substitutes to give them a run on Loftus. This gave Kenmare the opportunity to score one more try and butchering another to win 31-12 at the end of play.

Kenmare cementing the no 2 ranking in the country showed that a major gap exists between the two top teams and the rest.


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